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TNT Congratulates Kimiko!

Photo of Area 14 participants

Congratulations Kimiko!



Back by Popular Demand! You’re Invited – Area 14 Fall Contest!

On Thursday, October 20th, Area 14 invites you to join them for their 2016 Fall Contest! What better way to spend a chilly Thursday evening than to support Newmarket-Aurora’s corporate clubs as they have you laughing out of your seats!

Where:  Newmarket Municipal Offices
395 Mulock Drive
Newmarket, ON

Registration starts at 6:30 p.m.

For more information and to RSVP:

You are invited to Area 14 2016 Fall Speech Contest

Flyer for Area 14 Fall Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests




Exciting news………

Clean sweep for The Newmarket Toastmasters
at Area 14 Contest!

Toastmaster member Tania Ferus placed First in the Area 14 International Speech Contest and will be representing the Club at the next Level, Division M Contest on Saturday April 9/16.

Tania’s speech titled “Take that Step” was all about her adventure as a Junior Ranger, and how taking one step out of her comfort zone changed the course of her life.

We all enjoyed watching Tania present her speech. Tania’s speech was humorous, engaged the audience, and inspired us to take the next step out of our comfort zones. Tania – Congratulations on reaching your next goal!

Tammy Hall placed First in the Area 14 Speech Evaluation Contest and will be representing the Club at the next Level, Division M Contest on Saturday April 9/16.

Tammy evaluated the Test speaker’s speech, and provided positive feedback and comments. Congratulations Tammy!

It is very exciting to see our Toastmaster’s Club members accomplish their goals!

YOU are invited!

Area 14 Annual
International Speech and
Evaluation Contests

You are invited to come out and support Tammy and Tania
as they compete against other corporate clubs:

Allied Global
Town of Newmarket
York Region

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Registration: 7:00 p.m.
Contest begins: 7:30 p.m.

Seminar Room, York Region Building
17250 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON

$10 cost recovery at the door.
Refreshments available.

Area 14 Spring Contest FlyerArea 14 Spring Contest Flyer – March 23

TNT member places First in 2015 Area Competition

Congratulations to The Newmarket Toastmasters’ member Tania Ferus, who placed First in the 2015 Area 14 Table Topics competition.

Tania represented The Newmarket Toastmasters at the Division Level on Saturday, Oct 24/15. Well Done Tania!

Area 14 International Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest, Mar 11/15

My experience competing at an Area Competition, by Teena Cutt

This is what I considered my first experience of speaking outside of the “Club” meetings.

My speech was based on a personal experience. With the guidance of my mentor I presented it at The Newmarket Toastmasters Club competition meeting. I received positive feedback and suggestions for improvement from my supportive TNT members!

I just knew with a little more practice I would be confident enough to present my speech at the Area competition which I Volunteered to go to! I was second guessing my decision right up until the competition; however I really wanted to challenge myself.

I practiced at the club meeting, again, which was recorded and allowed me to see how I present myself.

This brought up the awareness that I needed to emphasize points more, vary my speech pitch and smile, smile, smile!

Gestures, posture and acting out words are also encouraged, but I still have that little nagging voice in my head, that keeps telling me I have never been an actor!

I was also able to finagle a practice session at the Finance department meeting, and received a lot of good feedback and suggestions.

Leading up to the competition that little voice in my head kept saying to me – “why are you doing this?”

My answer to myself is, I’m not sure why, but I know with certainty that somehow, somewhere I will be using these skills in my future.

The night of the competition I wasn’t even as nervous as I was presenting at our departmental meeting. I know everybody there has been in the same position as I, presenting their first speech in front of 50 supportive people.

There were 3 other speakers before me, so I got to watch and learn from them before I presented my speech.

I presented my speech “The Round Robin” and found myself relaxing as I was speaking. I think all my practice paid off, also this was the first speech that I had memorized. This allowed me to concentrate more on my gestures and movement.

I am not sure if I was smiling more, or looking relaxed as I presented my speech. However I was definitely proud that I had challenged myself!

Breaking News…Tania Ferus Places Third in Humourous Speech Contest

Area 14 Humorous Speech and Table Topics 2014 Contest winners

Area 14 Humorous Speech and Table Topics 2014 Contest winners L-R: Annette Lavigne, ACB CL, Speak for Success; Tania Ferus, TNT; Lindsay Yaciuk, The Court of Blarney; Kim Chen, TROY; Doug Armstrong, DTM, Speak for Success; Leizyl Sobrinho, CC ALB, Northern Lights Toastmasters Advanced Club

This past Saturday (Oct. 11), Tania Ferus represented The Newmarket Toastmasters in the Toastmasters Area 14 Humorous Speech Contest. Congratulations to Tania from all the TNT members, you were amazing! The following is a testimony by Tania on her experience competing-

      This was my first time competing in the Humorous Speech Contest, and I’m looking forward to doing it again. Apparently I had “the look” before it began – not nervousness, extremely focused. Despite it being the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, there were a lot more people than I was accustomed to. However the atmosphere was warm and friendly with everyone supporting and encouraging each speaker. It also helped that there were familiar faces in the crowd – Deanna as contest Timer (thanks!), my husband, and several fellow Toastmasters from different clubs that have come to visit and/or mentor TNT in the past.

     When my name was called (I spoke second), I took the floor with as much enthusiasm and confidence I could muster. Slightly nervous, I looked at the crowd, smiled and began my speech – a humourous look at what I would do if I won the lottery. And in just over six minutes, it was over and I was returning to my seat. I felt good that I had done my best.

     I am honoured to have had the opportunity to compete and place third within a field of amazing and wickedly funny speakers. I wish Lindsay Yaciuk from The Court of Blarney and Kim Chen from TROY all the best as they represent Area 14 at the Division M Contest on October 25th from 9am to 12pm here at the Municipal Offices.

     It was a great experience and I’d encourage all TNTers to give it a try next time we have a club contest.

Congratulations Tania, your achievement is an example to us all.