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The Contest Experience as a Spectator

The Contest Experience as a Spectator

Inspirational Speeches/ Speech Evaluation Contest Apr 9, 2016

You can feel the nervous excitement and anticipation as you enter the room.

Everybody signs in and finds a seat. The gavel is pounded and the room comes to order.

Dignitaries are introduced, rules are read and the Contest begins!

Speakers draw numbers for presentation order. The speaker from The Newmarket Toastmasters, Tania Ferus is speaking 2nd out of 6 speakers.

1st Speaker- Tim Norton– “The War of the Message” A humorous message of false Social media messages.

2nd Speaker-Tania Ferus– “Take that Step” was all about her adventure as a Junior Ranger, and how taking one step out of her comfort zone changed the course of her life.

3rd Speaker- Brenda Masson-“Bragging Rights” People’s invisible scars.

4th Speaker- Nalie Kurmasheva-“Until Death Do us Part”- A moving story of wives who followed their incarcerated husbands to the wilds of Siberia.

5th Speaker-Renaud Durand-“Pick up the Bricks”- A message about discarding the old bricks of your life and adding new building bricks.

6th Speaker- Brenna Urbanek– “Great big hunk of beautiful” – A love story that ended with a

message ……

Of course I was there to cheer on my two Club members, but imagine a whole room of people encouraging you, and supporting you to do your best.

This is what Toastmasters is all about, sure everyone wants to win that prize, and move on to the next level, however it is all about improving and enhancing the skills you already have.

As Brenna said in the interview portion “we will all be a little bit better when we leave’.

The Speakers were all thrilling and captivating. It was going to be tough for the judges to decide who would be moving on to the District Contest.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until the Speech Evaluation Contest was completed and the results of both Contests would be announced.

Before the Speech Evaluation Contest began, it was time for intermission. Time to stretch your legs, have a snack and Network! The roar of 60 Toastmasters talking all at once was loud!

The random draw for presentation order for the Speech evaluation Contest placed our Newmarket Toastmaster –Tammy Hall 2nd. Was this a good omen, hmmmm? Both Tania and Tammy were presenting 2nd.

Called to order once again, the Speech Evaluation Contest was starting. First there is a “Test” speaker on whom the Contestants would evaluate the speech for. Joe’s speech was titled “Guess what there’s more”

Imagine trying to provide an evaluation without any previous preparation. You hear a speaker; you leave the room and have 5 minutes to prepare an evaluation. Believe me that 5 minutes feels like 30 seconds!

The Speech Evaluator has up to 3 min and 30 seconds to present their evaluation. That is not much time to provide positive feedback as well as areas to improve on. In an organized, fluid evaluation.

Tammy presented with a confident, clear voice. Used gestures, and made eye contact with the audience.

Again it was tough for the Judges, there were 6 Speech Evaluators.

The Head judge leaves the room with the ballot counters, everybody, especially the Contestants are on pins and needles waiting for them to return.

After a few minutes the results are ready to be presented.

Drumroll please…………………

The Toastmaster moving on to the District Speech Evaluation Contest is Brian Brennan.

The Toastmaster moving on to the District International/ Inspirational Speech Contest is

Renaud Durand.

Congratulations to all who participated in the Contest. Each presentation is one step closer to reaching your goal!


Good Luck to Tania and Tammy as they compete at the Division Level!

TNT wishes Tania and Tammy all the best as they represent not only The Newmarket Toastmasters, but also Area 14 in Division M’s International Speech and Evaluation Contests!  Good luck ladies!

Division M International Speech & Evaluation Contest
Innisfil Community Church
1571 Innisfil Beach Road
Innisfil, Ontario

Saturday, April 9, 2016
Registration & Briefings: 9:00 a.m.
Contest Starts at 9:30 a.m. SHARP

Register ahead of time on Eventbrite
Recovery Cost: $ 10.00 (contestants free)

Division M Spring Contest Flyer (magic)

Reminder: Division M Speech Contest this Saturday October 25th

Good afternoon TNT’ers!

I’ve been asked to provide a friendly reminder about the Division M Contest this coming Saturday, October 25th. Please pre-register on the Eventbrite page.

Division M has begun to use Eventbrite (for free) to pre-register so they can know the number of attendees  especially for food preparation.

Cost recovery of $8 will be at the door. TNTers – be sure to ask for a receipt and bring it to Teena the following week so that you may be reimbursed.

Both Teena and I have volunteered to assist on Saturday. Having attended Division level contests before, I can certainly say that it is quite the event with an array of wonderful and talented speakers. There will be refreshments available, and LOTS of coffee!


Please pre-register at the Eventbrite. (Just click the word Eventbrite to bring you
to the registration page.) 

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