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TNT Meeting Thursday Jan 12/17



The Newmarket Toastmasters Member Profile – Deanna


Deanna is a Charter member of The Newmarket Toastmasters

How long have you been a member of the Club?
4 years

What attracted you to joining The Newmarket Toastmasters?
The weekly lunchtime meetings provided an interactive learning experience, meeting new people and having fun! The supportive feedback, support and recognition from club members as you progress through Toastmasters’ program is also a benefit.

Do you find that attending and participating in the meetings
benefits you in your profession? How?

Yes, I believe that the meetings have enabled me to develop self-confidence and personal growth. Toastmasters has given me the confidence to pursue additional professional development opportunities. In the past four years I have completed my Adult Education and Staff training certificate, taught Special Event Management at Humber College and lead Junior Achievement school programs.

Why would you encourage others to join Toastmasters?
I like the fact that I can work on achieving goals at my own pace. This year I received my Competent Communication and Competent Leadership certificates. I am looking forward to working on my next level of speeches. I feel that this informal opportunity is a fun way to learn and grow as an individual and as part of a group.

What was your favorite meeting to date?
I love the theme days and celebrations including Octoberfest, Mystery Murder, Tropical Day, and Carnival, Holiday themes as well as the open houses and contests.

What is your favourite joke or quote you have heard at TNT?
“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends’ will leave footprints in your heart” Eleanor Roosevelt

If you could tell me one thing about TNT that you love
what would it be?

I love Table Topics. It allows everyone to be creative with and think quickly about their response. We have had a lot of fun with the weekly interactive activities.

What is your favourite role in the weekly meetings and why?
Toastmasters’ helps improve your ability to listen, speak and think more clearly. I like the Grammarian Role. You learn to avoid saying filler words including “um, ah, like and so” and instead pause in between words. I now find myself counting the number of filler words that other people use when they are speaking.

Do you have any other comments?
I have been amazed to see the transformation of many of our members who are now more comfortable and confident speaking in meetings. Several members have even gone onto regional speech competitions and have impressed audiences. I encourage others to attend a meeting to observe and learn about this opportunity that is available for all Town of Newmarket and municipal staff within York Region.


Deanna receiving her Competent Communicator award with the Executive Committee.


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Congrats to Deanna!

The Competent Communications Manual provides a series of 10 speech projects to work on through your Toastmasters journey. The projects are designed to develop your speaking skills one step at a time. Every project builds upon what you’ve learned in the preceding project.

The Competent Leadership Manual provides 10 projects focusing on different leadership skills.

“But just what do we mean by ‘leadership?’ It would appear to be the capacity to look ahead, think ahead, plan ahead, and then influence other people to go ahead on the plan.”- Ralph C. Smedley, founder of Toastmasters International.

Manuals are completed at your own pace.

Congratulations to Deanna.

What are you doing on Thursdays at lunch?

Are you a current, past, or retired municipal or regional government employee from
• Town of Newmarket
• a ‘N6’ municipality
• York Region
• YRPS (formerly EMS)?

Interested in developing your communication and leadership skills? Then TNT is the place to be!

Whether you are a current employee for a local municipality/York Region or a front line emergency services worker, worked as a camp counselor for one of Newmarket’s summer camps as a student in the past, or are a retired staffer for YRP – The Newmarket Toastmasters are here for you!

The Newmarket Toastmasters (TNT) will help improve your communication skills and open doors in your personal and professional life. Instead of labouring in a classroom or spending money on costly seminars, you’ll learn and develop communication and leadership skills through a peer-led, self-paced program within a friendly, supportive environment with people who are there for the same reasons you are – to become better communicators and leaders.

TNT meets for one hour every Thursday at 12:00 Noon at the Newmarket Municipal Offices (395 Mulock Dr) Usually in the Cane Meeting Room. Attendance is at the individual’s discretion as, due to work and other lunch-time commitments, it is not always possible to attend every meeting.

Bring a lunch and be a guest at our next meeting, we would love to see you!

For more information, please click on the “Contact Us” link in the main menu of our website.

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time of year to set goals!

Whether for our own personal fulfillment or a work/professional goal, The Newmarket Toastmasters offers a Communication course that rivals courses at any College. The annual fee for The Newmarket Toastmasters is only $125.00 US the first year, and $100.00 US each year thereafter. Compare that to the cost of a College course! Less expensive does not mean less knowledge!

Toastmasters can help you accomplish a goal for your Personal development Process for 2016.

For example- If one of your objectives is to Learn Continuously and / or Communicates Effectively – Participating in the weekly Toastmasters meeting, you would have the opportunity to improve on skills like, organization of meetings, written and oral communication and impromptu speaking. Completing your Toastmasters manual shows your progress through the program.

All this, while having fun in a supportive environment.

“Toastmasters at Work” is a unique and proven program for developing your communication and leadership skills. It provides a positive and supportive atmosphere where you have the opportunity to find your voice while getting constructive feedback from other members as you practice organizing your thoughts and presenting them clearly.

As a member of The Newmarket Toastmasters I am very pleased that “Toastmasters at Work” was included in the 2016 Learning and Development Calendar.

The Newmarket Toastmasters would like to invite you to attend a meeting. Meetings are held every Thursday at 12:00 pm, @ 395 Mulock Dr. – Cane A/B rooms

Do you suffer from Glossophobia-Fear of Public Speaking?

When thinking about Public Speaking, do these symptoms describe you?

  • Freeze in front of audience
  • Mouth so dry, you think you have walked endless miles in the desert
  • Knees shaking
  • Sweating profusely
  • Heart racing
  • Intense anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Avoiding speaking opportunities

The Newmarket Toastmasters can help you overcome your fear of public speaking. The Club provides many opportunities to practice your speaking skills, including Speech projects, Leadership projects, impromptu speaking and practice, practice, practice.

I invite you to participate in Toastmasters and experience the exciting opportunities available to you- to grow, learn and recreate yourself! Toastmasters’ is where individuals are empowered to become more effective communicators and leaders. It is the place to conquer your fears, expand your boundaries, and overcome the challenges you face in your life.

Guests are welcome at every meeting. Meetings are held every Thursday at 12 pm in Cane A/B, at the Municipal Offices (395 Mulock).

Check out The Newmarket Toastmasters website –

• Teena, CL
TNT Member since 2012


The Newmarket Toastmasters- Have you listened to yourself speak?

No matter what your position is in the company, annoying little filler words creep into our speech.

The Newmarket Toastmasters club can help you eliminate these distracting words and habits from your speech.

Guests are welcome at all of our meetings, come and join us on Thursdays in Cane A/B at 12 pm, to see what Toastmasters is all about.


Like, Eliminate Ums and Ahs, Right?

By Lisa B. Marshall, Author of Smart Talk and host of The Public Speaker podcast on Quick and Dirty Tips
August 22, 2014

“Recently I attended a training course in New York City and at the start of the course each of us introduced ourselves. The senior executive sitting next to me said, and I quote, “I, like, work for a big bank, like, Citibank. I work, um, in technology, and head-up a group of like, 500 people, right. I do, like, technology risk assessment, right, and create, um, processes, to, like, reduce risk, right.”

I was shocked.”

– Read Lisa B. Marshall‘s  full article at: