The Newmarket Toastmasters Member Profile – Kimiko

Photo of TNT member Kimiko
How long have you been a member of the Club?
Four years.

What attracted you to joining The Newmarket Toastmasters?
Learning how to communicate better was my attraction to Toastmasters.

Do you find that attending and participating in the meetings benefits you in your profession? How?
The benefits to Toastmasters is feeling more comfortable with public speaking and speaking well. Attending and participating in the meetings really helps with this objective.

Would you encourage others to join Toastmasters and why?
Yes, I would encourage others to join. Toastmasters helps people learn to listen and speak well. It’s not only for people who do a lot of presentations or public speaking but it helps with everyday communication with family, friends and co-workers. Communication is very important in learning to work and live with others.

What was your favourite meeting to date?
My favourite meetings are when we have a full room and everyone has a chance to speak. It’s a great way to learn about our members.

If you could tell me one thing about TNT that you love, what would it be?
TNT is a group that is welcoming, friendly and a lot of fun. I really enjoy Table Topics® because it’s the best way to practice impromptu speaking.

Photo of Area 14 Table Topics cake

What is your favourite role in the weekly meetings and why?
Being the Toastmaster and Table Topics® Master is interesting for different reasons. Being the Toastmaster help you lead a meeting, keep everything on time and provide comments. The Table Topics® Master lets you be creative in designing the Table Topics® for the meeting.

Any other comments?
People should attend a meeting at lease once so that they can get an idea about Toastmasters is all about!


The Newmarket Toastmasters meets for one hour every Thursday 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. at the Newmarket Municipal Offices, 395 Mulock Drive. Bring a lunch and be a guest at our next meeting, we would love to see you!

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Evaluation Competition Results Are In!

The Newmarket Toastmasters congratulates Kimiko H. for taking 1st Place in TNT’s 2017 Speech Evaluation Competition!

The Test Speech was entitled “Star Struck” and was delivered by Anne Irwin, DTM of Northern Lights Toastmasters Advanced Club in Aurora.

Congratulations also go out to our members who stepped up and flexed their Evaluation muscles!

2nd Place: Teena C.
3rd Place: Dawn S.
2017 TNT Eval Comp

Kimiko and Teena are now going on to represent The Newmarket Toastmasters at the Area 14 Speech Evaluation Contest on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at The Tannery at 9 a.m.

Come out and cheer your colleagues on!

2017 Area 14 Spring Contests

Our four guiding principles are
experiential learning, self-paced learning, peer evaluation and mentoring.

Toastmasters International Values:
Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence

More info here:
Area 14 Speech Evaluation Contest

The Newmarket Toastmasters

Northern Lights Advanced Toastmasters

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TNT Theme Meeting Thursday Feb 9/17- Wedding Speeches

Do you have to prepare a special Wedding Speech?
Nervous to give a toast to the happy couple?

Join TNT today 12 – 1pm

395 Mulock Drive, Newmarket, ON

Cane Meeting Room


TNT Spring Evaluation Competition Thurs. Feb 16/17


TNT- Speech Evaluation Educational Presentation


TNT’s Word of the Week



TNT theme meeting-Tropical Vacation Thursday, Jan 26/17

This week TNT welcomes Special Guest speaker
Laura, ACS ALB
from our sister club The Court of Blarney!